How do you paint passion?
I often think about how certain ideas or emotions would look if they could be looked at. Some, like love, have such popularized symbols that we hardly question them. When most children think love they think hearts. Of course the shape of a heart is different than an actual blood pumping heart, and a few of the stories of how the heart got its shape are not terribly romantic. But how would you paint things that don’t have a universal image already?
Whenever I write about my emotions and how a certain something makes me feel, I have to give images. Not actual images, but word pictures like metaphor and similly. I am all about words as I’ve said before, but somethings you just can’t write out in nice gramatically correct sentences. Sometimes colors work for me.
So what color would your passion be? Pink? Red? Purple? I rather like the idea of purple passion. Purple is rare, purple is the color of royalty, purple is the color of bruising.