Can you hear?
The players are one with their music.
They are distinct, yet together.
They are simple, yet complex.
Can you hear the trilling scales? The arpeggios? The special pling, pling, as the notes ring out?
Here the bass. It is a strong powerful presence, but does not over power. Listen listen to its thrumming throbbing tones. It is made near invisible by its constancy.
Lastly is the drum; the steady keeper of time. Beating. out. a triumphant. tattoo.
The rhythm. drives. them all.
Steady steady ever ready, sometimes sharplybeating; then softly with the others retreating.
With crashing symbols the music swells;
sings out with sound of pealing bells.
Weaving winding intricately;
This beautiful music just for me.
It swells and dips and rises again,
Its intensity leaving me weak with pain.

I am at home in bed.
There are no sounds anymore.
There is just the sharp beating in my ear,
the thrumming ache in my head
and the broken chords of my bruised ribs.