Does anyone else think it’s unfair that my bed seems to be in the coldest spot in the house?
I don’t mean like Heather and Georgy are trying to freeze me to death; I just mean because when I wake up, it is always colder than I think it is. It makes it harder to get out of bed. We were supposed to have our windows replaced this summer. And you know what? I don’t even think our heater works all that well.
So the roomies and I have started a new tradition of sorts. Every Tuesday, Georgy and I walk to the restaurant where Heather works and we play stump trivia. We are of course amazing — actually not even, but we always have fun. We even make the lady who does the trivia laugh with our ridiculous made up answers when we don’t know the real ones.
For example, Toast Butter is a famous actor who was either killed or killed someone in a movie. I can’t remember which at the moment, but it’s always fun.
Tonight we had a new teem mate who actually knew stuff and we ended up getting second place. Yay team! And even better, we got a ride home!
So now I am back home … in bed … brrrrrrr.