Does anyone remember Buttons and Mindy from the Animaniacs?
Last saturday I met a real live version of that very child. She was the very cutest and so many questions. Though I suppose Questions like that are typical of 5-year-olds.

Can I eat the playdough?
Because it doesn’t taste good.
Because they didn’t make it for you to eat.
Because it’s made to play with.
Because it’s not food.
Because it doesn’t have enough sugar.

Is that not like Mindy?
And that was only one of the many questions she asked me on our long bus ride.
I have often joked that I am a bad influence on people’s children because I usually send them home honking their noses like clowns, singing wacky banana songs,hyper and full of funny stories and jokes, and doing the interrupting cow. And yet, parents still happily leave their children in my care. Hee hee,I may take them out of your hair for a few hours, but you get them back afterwards.
Ok I love you bubbye!