I am skipping ahead just a little, to Monday.
Monday is usually the day when everyone’s home — at least in the morning. It is Georgy’s day off, and Heather doesn’t have to work until later. Last Monday was no exception.
The week before Georgy had seen pumpkins and got all kinds of excited over the idea of pumpkin carving, so Last monday she and Heather went out and bought pumpkins. And then we had a friend over to join in the fun.
I think I have carved pumpkins sometime before, butI have never actually participated in the actual scooping out of pumpkin guts. Yeah … that still will not happen. Have I told you how much I am afraid of slime? I’m pretty sure it’s going to take over the world someday, and we won’t know what hit us. Ok, but back to pumpkin carving.
We had settled on one pumpkin between the three of us and Heather and Georgy took turns carving it. No one actually trusts me with knives. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of our pumpkin to show you, but it had big round eyes, very thin eyebrows and two buck teeth. I think there were some ears in there somewhere too.
He sadly died before the week was up, but his guts survived, and went on to make lots and lots … and lots and lots of cookies. Oh my!