For the record, I am so not ok with getting snow and winter storms in October!
Here’s a story I wrote for a friend just today. Enjoy

Hugh swore under his breath as a truck splashed his windshield on its way past. It was bad enough he could hardly see in all of this thick rain; not to mention the sky was black as tar. Hadn’t people around here ever heard of streetlights? Beside him on the passenger’s seat, the cake shifted as Hugh fought to keep the wheels from sliding all over the road. He had taken the precaution to seatbelt it in, just in case. A smashed cake was the last thing he needed, especially now that the night had turned to crap. All he asked was a nice evening to surprise Taylor, but instead he had gotten this storm
It may have been his imagination, but Hugh could have sworn everything got even darker once he turned down the road to Taylor’s house. There didn’t seem to be many houses either. He wondered why anyone, especially a single woman living on her own, would choose to live so far away from other people. Taylor always seemed the sociable one between the two of them. She was always the one dragging Hugh to parties and encouraging him to get out more. The thought of Taylor with a secret life as some kind of spy made him smile briefly. But the sight of an oncoming owl, illuminated by a bright flash of lightning killed the smile quick enough.
Hugh swerved and nearly lost control, as he tried not to hit the bird. He was glad enough to finally find himself in front of what must be Taylor’s house, and even more glad to see a few lights on. Hunching himself over so as not to get the cake box wet, he sprinted up the front steps and rang the doorbell. Hugh waited there, the rain soaking through his windbreaker and in to his shirt, but finally the door opened with a creek.
All the clever naughty things Hugh meant to say when Taylor opened the door died on his lips when he saw the girl. She was a small girl, perhaps six or seven, with the same storm gray eyes and wavy auburn hair as Taylor herself. Hugh had only been dating Taylor for a few months now, but surely she would have told him if she had a kid. It was looking more and more as if fait just didn’t want his plans to work. May as well go through with it now though; or at least try.
“Is your …” Hugh began, but was saved from asking the awkward question by the arrival of Taylor.
“Who’s at the door Da … Hugh!”
Hugh smiled weakly.
Thunder crashed as lightning split the sky just behind him.
“Oh, come in come in,” Taylor stammered.
Then all was in motion. Taylor began helping Hugh off with his coat, Hugh began searching for a place to chill the champagne and the little girl was sent to put the cake on the kitchen table.
“Hugh, this is … so sweet of you; I don’t know what to say. Did you find the house alright?”
“Yeah I found it fine. Listen, I’m not … interrupting something am I?” Hugh quirked an eyebrow.
“Oh no. Dale and I were just hanging out. Isn’t that right Dale honey?”
The little girl came bouncing in to the dining room and stopped in front of Hugh.
“Are you gonna change too?” She asked.
Hugh looked down at her smilyface pajamas.
“No, I think I’ll stay in these close if it’s all the same to you,” he answered with a grin.
Taylor playfully scratched Dale’s shoulder.
“Ok,” the girl said, then bounced off in to another room.
“Is she your …?” Hugh began, and was almost relieved by the look of surprise on Taylor’s face.
“No. Oh no. Dale’s my niece. My sister and brother in law are out of town for the week and they asked me to watch her. I’m so sorry you had to drive through all this rain.”
“It’s no problem,” Hugh assured her. “I wanted to come over and surprise you for your birthday.”
“Well I’m certainly surprised,” Taylor smiled. Then she hugged him with all her familiar enthusiasm.
Thunder continued to shake the air, as lightning tore up the sky outside. Hugh and Taylor sat on the couch, Dale on the floor in front of them.
“Can I have another slice of cake?” Dale asked.
“Can you?” said Taylor.
“May I have another slice of cake?” Dale corrected with exaggerated care.
“Only a tiny piece; we don’t need you bouncing off the walls.
As Dale left to collect her second piece of cake, Hugh thought he heard scratching near the back of the house. He looked over at Taylor, but she didn’t appear to hear it.
“Do you have a dog?”
“No, why?”
“I thought I heard scratching. It sounded like it might be coming from your back door.”
“Oh, that’s probably the neighbor’s cat. Give me a minute; I’ll go try to return him.”
Dale did not seem overly worried by her aunt’s absence, and accepted Hugh’s answer readily enough. Mainly she seemed content to eat her cake, but soon the cake was done and Taylor still hadn’t returned.
“Your aunt’s been gone awhile,” Hugh commented, just to be saying something.
Dale shrugged.
“Does your neighbor’s cat always come over to visit?”
“We hardly have any neighbors. And none of them have cats. No one has any pets around here.”
Hugh frowned. There had been something slightly forced about Taylor’s actions tonight, but he had chocked it up to the presence of her niece. Now she was making up cats for her neighbors? Something strange was going on heer. Perhaps He should say his good night as soon as Taylor got back. He started to smile down at Dale. The girl was staring up at him with an odd expression.
“Can I have another slice of cake?”
Typical, Hugh thought.
“I don’t think your aunt would like that. It is getting late you know. Besides, she should be coming back any minute. You don’t want me to get in trouble do you?”
“I want another slice of cake.”
She was still staring at him, her eyes intense and focused. He could have sworn she hadn’t blinked once.
“I’m sorry kiddo, no more cake for you.” But Hugh was beginning to worry that the girl might throw a fit. He hoped Taylor got back soon. Exactly what was she doing for so long if there were no cat anyway?
“You better let me have another slice of cake.”
That made Hugh laugh.
“Oh really? I think I’d better not; I’m more afraid of your aunt than I am you.”
Dale continued to stare. The intensity of her gaze was making Hugh very uncomfortable by this point, but she didn’t move from her spot and she said nothing else. She merely sat with her eyes on Hugh. Then, she began to grow.
Hugh would not have believed it had he not been watching the girl with his own two eyes.
Her chest and limbs began to broaden, as she swelled to more than twice her previous size. Her hands, clasped politely in her lap, had started to curl in to powerful paws with sharp black nails. Her feet too turned furry and sharp-clawed.
Hugh pressed back in to the couch as She—it stood. Her once serious little mouth now a large snout with a shiny black nose and sharp white fangs, opened wide and she began to howl.
“I! Want! Cake!!!”
“You can have the whole box if you promise not to eat me,” Hugh said, standing and backing out of the living room.
Then the weredale leapt forward, its pajamas long since shredded and forgotten behind it.
Snarling, the creature tore in to Hugh’s shoulder with one strong paw. Then it opened its jaws wide. Hugh screamed.
Soft hair brushed Hugh’s face, as strong hands unhooked the furry claws from His skin.
“You weren’t supposed to change just yet sweety,” Taylor’s voice said, as she pulled the beast off of him.
Hugh blinked at the two of them; Taylor, her clothes covered in blood and muddy paw prints, and Dale the werewolf child.
“Oh God Hugh, I’m so sorry; I didn’t think I would be gone that long. I’m so sorry about this. Here, let me bandage your shoulder.”
Hugh stood and backed away.
“Tell her she can have the cake,” he breathed. “She can frickin’ have anything she wants as far as I’m concerned.”
Then he grabbed his keys, and not stopping to get his jacket, was out the door, in his car, and speeding off in to the stormy night; the full moon glistening on the road behind him.

Happy Halloween!