Is it possible to sleep wrong?
Actually yes I do know there are ways you are not supposed to sleep, but this still does not account for my problem. I have been sleeping about the same way, on the same bed for years now. The only thing that fluctuates is just how much sleep I get a night.
Ok, I am aware that too much sleep can be bad for a person, but who ever heard of over 6 hours being too much sleep? That’s just not normal!
you? normal?
Point taken, but still; how does that make sense?
So I have had bruised-feeling ribs since yesterday, and that was only after I fell asleep after lunch. I can’t think of what else I could have done wrong or weirdly.
In conclusion, sleep is evil — at least as far as my body is concerned.
And this . . . is why I will possibly die of sleep deprivation.