Someone may have once told me that I should come with warning labels.
Likely this is true, since few people know me well enough to recognize my more dangerous moods. Is that my fault? Perhaps, but if I have mentioned it bugs me, some time in the past, then you probably shouldn’t keep doing it.
I think part of my problem is that I say nothing and hope people will recognize things on their own. I don’t mean really obscure things, like Oh I was hoping from the way I poored my milk today that you would notice I wanted a Christmas tree, I mean the kind of stuff that people can usually recognize as a problem. Except they don’t. So I present here for you — who will most likely never need it– a list of things that are sure to annoy me.
If it’s not something a person can help, then whatever. But excessively loud music always annoys me. I mean there are reasons I don’t frequent clubs, and I’d like you not to bring them to me. I like a good bass as much as the next person, more even, but I don’t need my body to pulse for hours afterward. Typically if I ask you to turn it down, cringe, cover my ears or leave the room–all of which I will do, Well there’s your sign. Also, if I can hear your music from my bedroom while you are outside in your car with the windows up, it’s too loud. Why anyone would go happily deaf like that I’ll never understand.
Do I even really need to explain why this annoys me? And this ladies and gentlemen is why laziness kills. If you are too lazy or just don’t feel like covering your food, or closing the containers even in the fridge, then you are not aloud to complain when your food goes bad quicker or you get sick from food poisoning. By the way, I have heard both reasons before.
I know I have mentioned this one before. Yes, she is still leaving it open most days, but that’s not even the worst part now. I really wish she’d just say I’d rather leave the door open or something, instead of appearing to respect my wish of having it closed. I typically close it after she has already gone to sleep, since she figures I will be up at some point later to do that anyway. Well yeah, because you didn’t.
Anyway, This morning, they had a whole argument/discussion while I was “asleep” with the door wide open. I mean, it was 7 in the morning, I don’t think it’s unusual for me to be sleeping at that hour. Of course it woke me up–they always do. I know you don’t have time to close the door, but if you’re going to stand around and argue could you be quieter about it please? But this is where I typically don’t say anything and keep “Sleeping,” hoping someone will make a connection. I know, I expect too much. She typically closes the door after the argument or loud conversation or laugh session is over.
thanks so much for thinking of me darling
One day I will just get up and club them all.
I just generally don’t like being woken up by inconsideration. I mean if your alarm goes off and it wakes me, I might be annoied initially, but not for very long. On the other hand, if I wake up because you have the TV on way too loud, I am likely to silently plan your ultimate demise.
Um, didn’t we all learn as children to do this, or at least from one too many sit coms why it’s a good practice? Does this really need to be said? If you use the last of the toiletpaper and there are more rolls somewhere in the bathroom. . . For real,are we incapable now?
just tired from work and/or didn’t have time.

So that’s at least 4. I know, I am all kinds of unreasonable to expect these things of others.
I can dream can’t I? — Probably not, since she’ll only leave the door open anyway.