And now, without further ado, My Sunday!
Yes it is like a month later … hush.

On sunday my good friend and I went to see none other than Dick dale. He is old, it was awesome
We met some very interesting people and at first, my friend and I thought were going to be the only people there under 30. Also I am so glad we wore earplugs!
The concert was actually really fun and Dick himself was pretty funny, but he has these tank things that are basically home-made amps and man can they put out noise! At first I didn’t think the earplugs were doing much, but then I started to pull one out … yeah, I was glad we had them.
I can’t say anything really spectacular happened while we were there, it was the being there that was awesome. Oh, and of course the music itself. We were pretty much right up on the stage, my friend and I.
If you don’t know who dick dale is, you might at least know his music — or the popular Black-Eye Peas song that used his most famous tune.
Here’s the original:

Yeah, we saw that guy!