Well at the very least, I started this post before the day was over.
And in actuality, even though my roomies and probably much of the country is falling asleep around me, I myself have not even begun to wind down.
So while I’m here, how was your turkey day? For my part I don’t really ever feel like There’s as much food as the event seems to call for.
try eating vegetables?
Uh … right. So I am the worst when it comes to eating vegetables, but at least for me it really is because I don’t like the taste. So thanksgiving consists of some turkey, mashed potatos, some form of roll or biskut, cranberry sauce and whatever dessert is. Yes, I am sure my plate looks pathetic. What can I say? I don’t like stuffing, I’m not big on vegies, and that’s usually all there is. Actually there were some kind of candied yams that sounded good, but they had nuts.
So that was my thanksgiving with roomy’s family. I had a fun time, and I came away with these three thoughts.
1. visiting people is fun and provided you like the people, should be done more often; 2. I very much miss the touch and sound of a real piano –real as in not a keyboard like most of mine are; 3. I really want a Boston terrier!
P.S. if you were one of the crazy people who were up before six o’clock shopping on Friday, firstly slancha on whatever sales you got, and secondly I hope you did not get trampled and are able to come back here to read my blog!