Yes, we still have the tree.
Yes, the air purifier is still loud and annoying.
Yes, she is still being annoyingly unreasonable about it.
And yes, the tree now smells like bleach instead of pine.

So I know I’ve talked about characters before and how much I love them, but I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned yet how much I equally love creating characters. I just love making up people and exploring their lives. Most of all though, I love sharing them. The difference however between being published vs sharing with my friends however, is that when I share with my friends or my readers, I get more of an immediate and personal reaction. With a published work, it’s just a mass of faceless nameless people that I have to act for and really who I can’t ever get to know. With friends or my blog readers, I feel like I am bringing them in to my own little world that I’ve created. There is no room there for a mass audiance.
That being said, I have one friend who probably has some of the best reactions to my characters ever. So far, he has a hit/arrest warrent out for one character; two characters that should either date, or be BFFs; another two characters who must have at least one possibly awkward date; and one character who “obviously” owns guns, even though I’ve never actually said so.
You just can’t get that with a mass croud.