It’s still not snowing here!
Can we talk about that? Let’s talk about that for a minute. It is not snowing here; the one time it did snow was in October; and the weather keeps jumping from 40 to 60! It’s driving me nutty! Also I’ve kinda gotten sick. Alright that’s it, thanks for hearing me complain.
Remember Bunny? She is the other cat. I say she is the other because she is not the one you hear stories about as much. She doesn’t like the attention as much as Panther and she hides from company. Except somehow she likes me.
When I say she likes me, what I really mean is that she loves me; as in wants to be part of me. Honestly, I have no idea what I did. Oh, she likes Heather and Georgy just fine, but if I’m gone for a while, she’ll head but me as soon as I get back. And I don’t mean cute little “awh how sweet” head taps; I mean she practically tries to break my face with her head.
So lately she has taken to sleeping with me. She didn’t used to; at least not while I slept, but lately she has been coming over and hopping up beside me to curl up and sleep.I don’t know if i’ve said before, but I don’t have a desk at all here; so I usually keep my computer on my bed with me. Very likely not the best place for it, but I never have it where it could fall and I wouldn’t roll over it. For some reason, Bunny absolutely loves to try and lie next to my computer. Actually I think it’s the heat. Unfortunately whenever she gets too close; she has a tendancy to step on keys. So I’ve had to try to keep her off it because otherwise my poor computer goes crazy and I can’t figure out what’s going on.
So, if I were ever worried about having children, this would be why. On the one hand, I can’t have her on my computer, but on the other hand, she’s just so dang cute that I can’t really scold her. I’m pretty sure it sends quite a mixed message to be telling Bunny that she just can’t be on my computer and she knows that and she shouldn’t keep trying, while I’m scratching her chin.
I totally do it to Panther too. He likes to climb on top of me, and I’m pretty sure that he is the one mis alining my ribs. But rather than push him off and tell him to stop or something, I usually just scratch his head and tell him that I hope he’s happy to be crushing my ribs. So he’s either confused or a sadist, because he purs at me.
And today? Today feels like a good day for experiments. Just me … and the cats.