Seriously? who thought it was a good idea to make sappy love songs for Christmas?
I appologize if those are your favorite and encourage you to read elswhere while I am ranting. But seriously? Don’t we have enough of that lovy depressing music the rest of the year? Do we need to make ourselves depressed during the jolly holidays?
Ok, now I understand this time of year is not happy and wonderful amazing for everyone, and for those of you who have gotten your hearts broken on or near the holidays, I will personally send out an attack party for the people responsible if you wish. I am not trying to say that everyone needs to be happy. I am not saying that nothing bad ever really happens around the holidays–I mean just look at the emergancy rooms–but what I am saying is that making up a song about why you will not be happy during a very usually happy time of year just seems wrong. I mean if I am feeling mopy or depressed or even grinchly during the happy times that are our holidays, the last thing I am going to want to do is sing about it.
I was just never in to sad love songs anyway, but sad love songs for the holidays?
So in short, I am all about the hymns and the usual frost and the like. I even like the creative ways people cover those songs, but stay away from me with that sad sappy love stuff.