There is a special place inside of me.
I feel it.
Inside me.
The isolating cold.
It spreads like an ice fire.
Rising from my belly to tickle my ribs.

Within me it is contained, yet it leaves a hollow.
And this is where the flicker lives.

It is a blossum,
It is a light,
It is the anticipation.
The very approach of you
the tiny flicker
Hidden inside.
it burns bright;
Filling the hollow.

It warms me within;
even as your touch
the goosebumps
on my skin.
I long to be in your calming embrace; even as your fingers sting.
Your icy grip burns.
Cuts me through like a knife.
Leaves me cold and exposed.

Yet I still long for you.
Still crave even the scent of you.
The tears freeze on my face even as they fall.

How cruel your love.
Your sweet sweet love.

Again I am left in the cold hollow.
But I know
you will return to me.
So I wait
like a lost child
for next year
When once again
we shall do the dance
of lovers.