We have internet again!
Truthfully, we never actually lost it, but we are redecorating and Georgy had to unplug us. Thus I have been cut off from the world for a short time. I like being back.
Sometimes, I am strange. I recognize this in myself and make no excuses for it, nor do I think I am a better person for knowing it about myself. I just am and that’s that. I do enjoy it rather. But on that note, I absolutely love marshmallows!
I think they are adorable. In fact, I have actually told people that I think they are sexy. That is a joke, but I do think marshmallows are pretty cute. I have similar feelings toward loaves of bread, eggs, and chocolate chips. However, I brought up marshmallows for a reason.
The otherday when Heather Georgy and I were in Target, we found an asortment of marshmallows, and one of them was gingerbread. I’ll pause here to give you a moment to appreciate what I just wrote.

… I know! Gingerbread marshmallows! I got them of course. But now we come to the problem. These fun little gingerbread marshmallows that smell so very yummy … are actually shaped like little gingerbread men.
So I ask you, is it at all fair to take marshmallows which I already think are adorable, and turn them in to even more adorable little people? They are gingerbread marshmallow people! How is that ok?
I was in love with the first one I pulled out of the bag.
I just hope he’ll forgive me for eating all his friends.