Lyrikh’s log:
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Day 18 of not having a phone. I can feel myself disconnecting. My very mind might be becoming unglued from all the isolation. This cannot be good. I need to hear the world again. Send help.

I hate doing dishes. I have yet to meet a person who will sit and tell me that it is their favorite thing to do, but hey you never know. In any case, I hate doing dishes. I don’t mind washing my own, but I hate the thought of wading through a sink full of dirty dishes. Solution, I wash my dishes when I’m done with them. Problem, not everyone seems to be able to grasp this concept.
Ok, stepping back so as not to get attacked here; I understand there are times when this is not always practical. I do understand that avoiding a sink full of dishes is not always as easy as all that. If you are rushing off to work or somewhere and you just have time to eat something quick, obviously you’re not going to make yourself late by worrying about washing the dishes. If you have guests over, or are throwing a party and people use plates, you aren’t necessarily going to leave your guest/guests to wash dishes–although depending on who you are, you might. I do understand that. But for everyday just sitting at home and had lunch/dinner, exactly why can’t a person wash their own dish?
I think the times I really have a problem with this is A, when there are finally enough dishes in the sink that I have to dig through them to find a fork or a plate, or B, when the girls make statements like, “We’re really failing at washing our own dishes guys.” … so now they include me?
Then they come up with crazy ideas to take turns doing dishes. If the blanket statements were true, I would say yes absolutely that seems fair. But they’re not and it would look something like this:
Roomy A’s turn, she cleans up after Roomy B;
Roomy B’s turn, she cleans up after Roomy A;
Roomy C’s turn, she cleans up after Roomies A and B both.
Does any of that seem fair to you? Add to that one of the girls is a total micromanager. God bless the micromanagers, if it weren’t for them, the world would still run the same as it always has.
Some people drive me nuts.
What was all that about my phone again?