So who’s first?

Ok no, that’s not entirely true. I am annoied and snappish, but I promise I will not shoot anyone. I don’t even own a gun. I can’t imagine I would be a good shot either; my aim would be way off. Ha!
So I have been, by this point, a whole month with out a phone. Those seven days at the start of this month don’t count, so don’t even argue with me and say it’s only been three and a half weeks. Those in the know will tell you that this actually happens every so often, but I guess it hasn’t happened in a while because I seem to be overdue. If this month with almost no connection to the world outside my house and church is any indication, then I say yes I was clearly overdue.
Life is starting to get pretty complicated since no one can reach me anymore. I am having trouble helping out with the after school program because either I can’t call to get a ride, or no one can call me to give me times; I can’t call the temp agency to tell them when I am available for work, and even if I could borrow a phone and they found me a job, what would they reach me on? Also, I miss my friends.
To make things even better–as if all that wasn’t frustrating enough–people have somehow for some reason decided that my emails are not important enough to reply to anymore. So I am trying to fix this little phone problem of mine, and I have been emailing to see what the problem is, but Someone *cough* She who must be obeyed won’t answer me anymore.
So that’s where I sit, I am annoied and snappish. Happy music helps some, but honestly. . . I just need my phone.