I have been accused of being a Valentine’s day hater.
I would like to state that first of all this is not true. The fact is that Valentine’s day was long ago ruined for me and it is not my fault.
Ok, by now you’re probably thinking I had my young heart broken by some stupid boy yes? This is also untrue. The fact is that Valentine’s day was ruined for me long ago when boys still had coodies by none other than She who must be obeyed.
So now whenever people talk about Valentine’s day, what comes in to my mind is massacre.
I know right, who thinks of that?

So today because I love you all–also I’ve been threatened–I have for you a story!

She stood under the hot spray, letting the sound of rushing water drown out the utter quiet of the house. She didn’t mind the quiet usually, but she had hated to leave the company of her friends and their party. Another of her friends had gotten engaged and soon they would all start having babies. She still felt like a kid, since she didn’t even have a boyfriend. All her friends were moving on.
It was a little disconcerting how much it bothered her, but she had been careful. She had only had two glasses at the restaurant. But she was afraid of being alone now in her silent house.
It would be nice to have a husband to come home to. Or maybe he would get home later then she would and she could look forward to hearing his car. If she thought hard enough she could almost imagine she heard the front door being unlocked. Maybe he would toss his keys in the old punch bowl, next to hers. Then he would put his coat away and go looking for her. She squinted through her soapy hair at the ducks on her shower curtain. She imagined she would see his shadow come through the door any minute.
She blew into the steam choked air; maybe she had had too much to drink. She held her head directly under the spray to rinse out her hair. She could hear the curtain hooks scrape against the rod. She turned and looked up.
There he was. He smiled at her and put his finger to his lips. She started to smile back at him, but something was wrong. He was still waring all his clothes, and what was that he was carrying? Oh God! This man wasn’t her husband, he was really here. He was standing here. She tried to scream, but he reached for her and her throat opened.
He stepped out of the running shower where the woman’s body now turned the water pink. He smiled down at her fluffy towels considering using one to dry himself. Better not; he should leave as little trace as possible. He would need to dry his clothes however, but that wouldn’t be a problem; he knew where her washer and drier were. He smiled at the ducks. That would teach her and her snotty friends to ignore him on valentine’s day.

Happy love day! 😉