Everyone has their quirks.
Of course you `know this. Everyone has those little things they do or like or can’t tollerate that make them uniquely who they are. Sometimes they are mildly annoying, sometimes they are irritating, and sometimes they are fun for the whole family!
Then there are my quirks, some of which are just this side of nurotic.
If you’ve been reading here for a while or have gone through my earlier posts, you probably have figured this out already.
Because we don’t keep most of our beverages in the refridgerator, drinks tend to need ice a lot. When I was younger I used to have one of those fancy refridgerators that made its own ice and you could get it either crushed or cubed. Here we just have a regular old refridgerator with an ice tray and cubes we have to make ourselves.
I don’t really mind making my own ice. In fact I usually like to make sure I refill it before it is entirely empty so that we don’t run out. I have yet to reach in to the fridge only to find an empty ice tray, so we don’t actually have a problem with ice. I however have a problem with the amount of cubes we sometimes end up with though.

When the tray is full, we have a nice even number of 16 cubes. It doesn’t really matter so much to me just how many cubes go in to my particular drink, but there is something about finding an uneven number of cubes in the tray that makes little pieces of me twinge inwardly.
It’s not just that there are now an uneven number of cubes in the tray, but now at least one cube has to sit in the tray without a partner. It’s just sad really. Row after row of nice full partnered cubes until you get to the one that is left because someone decided to take 3 cubes. And of course now I can’t take my usual 2 because then I would just be making another cube of ice partnerless and the cicle would just continue until there is only one cube of ice left, and really how many people ever just want one cube of ice in their drinks?
So I end up taking 3 cubes to make it even again. Of course then, some one will inevitably take another 3 cubes and this would be fine if there had been 18 cubes to start with, but there are not.
Of course I never say anything, because what does any of this ever matter to anyone else? But everytime it happens, I twitch silently. The poor ice cubes.
I warned you.