Is it possible for a person to die from a series of minor injuries?

Actually if that were true clumsy people all over the world would probably be dead … and me.
So I managed to burn my fingers again–two this time– and if it were a funnier story, I’d share how that happened. As it is, people are apparently being mislead to
this post
still. … oops?
So where was I? Burnt my fingers, I seem to have grown mysterious scratches I’m pretty sure the cat didn’t give me,my arm is bruised–though I don’t remember hurting it anywhere,I walk in to things constantly if they aren’t where they’re supposed to be so there’s that, and I’m sure if I thought hard enough I could find some other ways in which I’ve been injured.
Ok, I know that’s probably not enough to really warrant a complaint, but I guess the fingers just topped it. You know when you have a bandage on too tight and when you take it off your skin’s all shrivly?…
Yeah, I had a bit of a major freak out. Panther didn’t help with all his curiosity, though he did make for a fun facebook post. He typically does.
Perhaps I’ll post about one of my major freak outs should it happen again; I’m told they’re very entertaining.
Really? Really? thanks guys.
Oh well.