Laziness seems to be pretty universal.

I mean unless I am horribly wrong –and I have been–there are just certain things people do or don’t do that are considered lazy all across the board. Laying in bed all day unless it is recommended by your docter, mother, or whoever else has your well being at heart is usually considered lazy. Making a caller wait 20 minutes because no one in the house wants to stop doing nothing long enough to answer the door is usually considered lazy. Though, I guess if you have a fear of or aversion to answering doorbells, or if you’ve literally just collapsed in fear your muscles will kill you should you try to move again, that’s something different entirely. Nevertheless you get my point. Sometimes though, what one person might call laziness, another person might say just makes more sense.
I was once told by my aunt that at 16, I was still gofor-age; however I have a feeling that at approximately 20 something, I would still be considered a gofor. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m so willing, but it’s too late now to decide that it bothers me. Truthfully though, it doesn’t. So when I was in the kitchen earlier tonight cleaning the counter off and found Georgy’s cup of drink; I was only too happy to bring it out to her.
In that case, it just made more sense; I was already in the kitchen with the drink and honestly the apartment isn’t that big anyway.
On the other hand, I did once leave my room to bring her computer to her when they were both less than 6 feet apart. So that I would consider being lazy, but really, it doesn’t bother me. This is probably why I am still a gofor, but hey it’s good to know your role in life, right?
Last weekend I was out with some friends and because I can never manage to finish an entire meal at a restaurant, I had leftovers for 2 days. So by the time Monday came around I neither wanted to cook, nor was I interested in anything we had in the house to eat.
On the one hand, everything we have needs to be cooked or at the very least heated up, on the other hand I did not want to wash dishes to make food then rewash those dishes plus the ones newly dirty from my meal. Then it was Tuesday and I could feel my stomach trying to eat itself. So in case you were thinking I was supergirl and amune to laziness, a big ha ha to that!
Enter Wednesday. I had eatten 3 cookies and a slice of cheese. Then I decided I was going to gather up the measuring cups, spoons, the bowls and make muffins from scratch.
I think Heather said it best as she was on her way out the door,
“How does that make sense?”