Did you like my story from last week?
I hope you did, because I have more of it for you. Sorry I am getting this one in late, but I am going to be consistant and post more every week; preferably on Mondays.
So with out further ado, Here’s more.

Papa always liked to tell her how she had been born with hair black as coal, but that as she had grown, it had become red hot because of her temper. He would often bring it up after a particularly violent outburst, or after an argument. He would give one of his sighs and say,
“Your mother and I knew you’d be trouble the moment we saw your hair turning the color of flames. It used to be coal black you know.”
Kaylin allowed herself a small smile as she stared in to the fire. The fragrant odors of the stew filled the room as the fire popped and crackled underneath. She could feel her stomach growling as the delicious smell cozied itself around her.
Dragging a stool from the corner, she reached up in to the cabinet for two bowls and spoons. She then grabbed the pot and set off for her father’s shop.
Kaylin stopped at the entrance of the blacksmith’s shop where her father was hard at work. She could feel the heat of the forge as she stood watching. After a moment she spoke.
“Papa I brought supper,” she said.
He did not answer immediately, but continued working on what Kaylin now saw was a horseshoe. When he was finished, he set down his tools and turned to his daughter and smiled.
“That fool cobble had better be ready to spend a fortune in horseshoes if he doesn’t learn to take better care of that animal of his. Now, what have you brought for me today?”
In answer, Kaylin knelt and ladled a portion of stew in to each bowl before handing one bowl to her father and taking one for herself.
“Has there been a lot of work today Papa?” she asked.
“Not more than usual. I won’t complain we aren’t getting enough work; I just wish more people could actually pay. Crop hasn’t been as good this year as in previous years and trading isn’t as good.”
“Doesn’t the King know how bad things are?” Kaylin asked. “There’s no way he can ignore something like this.”
“Funny you should say that actually. One of the royal servants chanced to be by today and told me that the King and Queen were entertaining a griffin.”
Kaylin’s blue green eyes widened. Stew forgotten, she leaned forward.
“A real live griffin? What do the King and Queen want with a griffin?”
“They want a dragon.”