I hate book reviews.

Well, I guess I don’t necessarily hate them, and I certainly don’t mind reading what a friend or fellow blogger has to say about a particular book he or she has read. What I really mean is that I find official reviews and rankings and ratings unuseful and annoying. It’s true, they completely get in my way and I can’t stand to read them when I don’t want to.
I’ve often told people that I read too much. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem with the internet and library combining their resources. The problem however is that I don’t do ebooks. It’s not so much that I have something against them; it’s just that I hate the sound of my computer reading to me. This is of course how I would read an ebook, and so if I am going to be read to , I’d rather it be by a human voice. Unfortunately this is where the trouble starts. Even though the library does have plenty of audio books, they really don’t have enough. Or what I find most annoying, they may have books 1, 2, 4, 7 and 9 in a series on audio, but the rest of the books won’t be on audio. Kindle always has the whole series though, but kindle and I do not get along. Also I happen to know for a fact that the companies who make the audio books do not record out of order and if they have book 4 in a series, then they will have books 1, 2 and 3.
I know, by now you’re probably saying to yourself that I should just sign up for something like audible.com, but there’s a problem there too.
beggars? choosers? beggars anyone?
But anyway, the caust just isn’t worth it for the amount of reading I do. I worked out the math once when I was desperate for reading and basically what I found is that I might as well just straight up buy my own audio books. I’ve likely mentioned this before, but there it is.
So, all that to say I am always on the lookout for more books and new authors. So whenever I come across one that sounds interesting, I go to read the synopsis and too often this is what I find:
“New York Times best selling author …The Washington Post raves … Brilliant says the … award-winning …”
And so on and so forth. Quite honestly, I could care less what any of those people have to say about the book. If anything, I’m less likely to read a book if that’s all I can see for the synopsis.
Of course if it’s already a book or author I like, then it’s fine, but I just don’t like being told by someone whose opinion doesn’t hold water with me, that a book is amazing. I’ll decide that for myself thank you very much.
Mostly, I just know what I like.