Eeks I know! No story!

I’m very sorry about that, but what with spring cleaning yesterday and an impromtu outing with She who must be obeyed, and then my internet deciding not to work on me, well it’s been a little crazy. I do however have more for you today, so I hope you all came back. Enjoy!

The hammer came down hard; driving the wedge in to the wood and splitting the fallen tree neatly. Ralphie nearly swallowed the straw he was chewing as he jumped.
“Do you have to keep doing that?” he complained to his friend.
Kaylin looked up from repositioning the wedge.
“Papa has a lot to do as it is, and as he has no sons; he can’t afford to let me sit around and be a proper lady,” she recited. Then she spit. “Not that I’d want to be anyway.”
The tree had fallen just outside of her house during the storm the night before. Papa hadn’t liked to leave her with the task of splitting the wood, but she had reminded him that she was quite capable. Besides which, he had suddenly gotten a lot busier with orders for armor. Kaylin readied herself to strike again; feet spread, knees bent and the sledge hammer gripped purposefully in both hands. It was a heavy, powerful tool that would have toppled any other girl her size, but Kaylin was strong. She swung. Ralphie jumped again.
“I mean do you have to keep splitting the wood like that? It would be much easier with an axe. Safer too.
Kaylin shrugged; flicking her head to keep her firy hair out of her face.
“I could never imagine you as a lady anyway,” Ralphie laughed.
“I could be if I wanted,” Kaylin argued.
“Yeah, and I could have princess Ailish’s hand in marriage.”
“Your goats have better manners than you do Ralphie,” she sniffed. “King Roderick and Queen Matilda would never let you anywhere near their daughter. You probably couldn’t even get near the castle.”
Ralphie looked down at his scuffed and dirty boots and began toeing a hole in the loose earth.
“I do too have manners,” he objected.
Kaylin looked over and grinned.
“Do you think it’s true about the dragons? I mean that they’re not all dead?
Ralphie chewed his straw for a bit before answering.
“Guess there’s only one way to know,” he said. “We just have to wait for whoever the queen sends to come back.”
“I’d love to see a real dragon,” Kaylin said wistfully.
“Then you should go.”
Kaylin lowered her hammer and goggled at Ralphie.
“Me? I can’t go find the dragon. The queen would never send me. I’m just a child, and a girl at that. And soon enough I’ll be of marrying age. Besides, who would help Papa?”
“Just think, if you found dragon’s treasure, your papa would never need to work again.”
Kaylin lifted her hammer.
“And just how would I go about taking this dragon’s treasure anyhow? I have no warrior’s training and no sword besides.”
“You could always go see the old widow,” Ralphie suggested innocently.
Kaylin’s hammer dropped from her hands, nearly crushing her toes. Her face went pale.