Where ever he chooses really.

He is a cat, so by definition he is perverse and aloof. Most cats I’ve met are also incredibly creative and persistent, and if you’ve ever lived with one long enough to “accidently” not wake up early enough to feed them when they want, you have personal knowledge of this. Some of the more successful methods here include howling–no really, he howls, slamming the bathroom cabinet doors and hitting the window shade.
But he is also an affectionate cat; I’ve got the misaligned ribs and cat fur all over my bed to prove it. One thing he really likes to do is lie on the end of my bed against my feet. Since my feet are usually under my covers, and since it gets pretty warm at night, this makes me incredibly hot, but I really hate to disturb him. Of course this gets to be a problem sometimes, especially when nature calls.
So here I am lying in bed doing something or other on my computer because I hadn’t been sleeping the past few nights. The cat, who’s already on my bed, shifts to rest against my leg and puts his head on my foot. It was adorable, really it was. After a while my leg started to get uncomfortable though, and I could tell I was going to have to get up soon. I was hoping kitty would shift on his own, and he finally did, but only to wrap his foreleg around my ankle. Really? Then I did try to move, and do you know what he did? He growled at me.
I know! The nerve!
So now I’ve got a cat who’s sort of posessive about my legs.