I used to love Root Beer.
Well, I still do actually, but it’s no longer my favorite soda, as it once was. But I used to drink it all the time. It was one of the few things everyone actually got right about me. I wanted a soda, I got root beer; except of course when there wasn’t any, in which case I drank whatever else was there. I’m not picky about soda, but if I have the choice. . .
I can’t say I ever really enjoyed root beer flavored candy however. Something about the taste just doesn’t feel the same for me.I don’t hate it, I just don’t love or even prefer it. Like I said though, I’m not picky. I’ve never pretended to be any kind of root beer aficionado. I can’t sit here and try to tell you that I think one root beer is superior to another, because frankly I don’t know. I don’t mean to say there is no difference, I just mean I don’t pay enough attention. There are only a few times in my life when I bother to check brands, and that’s when one tastes markably different to me. For example if you like Lucky Charms, do not buy the store brand.
In any case, I haven’t yet met a root beer I completely disliked the taste of, so I just don’t pay attention. There’s also the small matter that I’m not usually the one buying so really I can’t go complaining.
All that being said, I will make one point, root beer tastes much better in a glass. Even if it’s cold, a can really just isn’t the way to go.
Cold dark bubbly sticky sweet root beer, yum.