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The wheels popped and rattled, jarring the view, as she stared out the tiny carriage window. How funny everything looked from here, yet how fascinating. She had never seen a goat up close before, but she knew them to be larger creatures than the faint gray shapes that dotted the mountainside. Mother said they were filthy creatures without manners or sense, but they had always looked sweet enough.
Horses were nasty though. Or at least they could be when they saw fit. To her mind they had too much sense. One of the grooms had once been kicked in the head by a horse in a mood. He had never been the same, though he was her favorite now. Her own horse would sometimes take it in to his head to hold in his breath when being saddled so that when you thought you were on securely, he’d let out his breath and the saddle would slip from being too loose. Sometimes he would even carry the smaller stable boys in his teeth until one of the grooms would make him behave.
Suddenly she was startled from her thoughts by a crowd of people. She watched them for awhile before noticing that the carriage was driving through the market. She had seen markets before, but had never been allowed to go. No place for her, her mother had told her often enough. Some of the people had noticed the carriage and were waving and shouting to her. She was about to wave back when Penny stopped her.
“Come away from there dear.”
“But they’re waving,” she reasoned, “shouldn’t I wave back?”
“No dear. Common folk like that only want to steal from us. Besides, you look tired from travel; that’s no way for a princess to be seen.”
Princess Ailish sighed, but knew it was useless to argue anymore with Penny.
Words had reached her sensitive ears however; words of warriors and dragons. But surely everyone knew there were no dragons. Had something happened while she was away? Tavish would likely know; she would ask him when they reached the castle.
“My dear, I only have your best interest in mind,” the queen was saying. “You see how poorly we are becoming; surely you see how much this would be in our favor.”
“But what if it’s true mother,” Ailish argued, “What if there are no dragons left? And even if there are, what if there are no more champions left? What if no one can fight something as powerful as a dragon?”
“Nonsense; I know what I’m about. You’re too late anyhow. I’ve already found a warrior to find where the dragons live and any treasure they might keep.”
“And if he fails?”
“There are plenty more where he came from. Now go dress, there will be a feast tonight in honor of our guest. I expect you to be on your best behavior.”