What, did you think I had disappeared again?
Silly you.
I’ve just finished writing a story that I originally wanted to share with you, but then I realised I hadn’t ever posted the story that comes before it. So I will do that now, and you can have the other one later.
This story started off as a joke, but I enjoyed the characters so much that I decided to do more with them.

Zack frowned at his girlfriend.
“Shut up,” Suzie replied. “I do not eat too many jellybeans, and I’m not going to stop anytime soon.”
She dropped the bag of jellybeans into her basket and eyed the skittles.
Zack shrugged and headed for the frozen food isle.
“Get me a vanilla ice cream too?” Suzie called.
Suzie sat in her living room, her little brother and the dog snuggled against her sides, a bowl of ice cream with jellybeans in front of her. Every now and again the dog’s head would drift toward the jellybeans, and Suzie would push him back.
“Why do you like jellybeans so much?” Robby asked.
“Because they’re pretty and colorful and they can taste like anything,” Suzie answered.
“Anything?” Robby’s eyes were wide as he looked up at his sister. “Chocolate?”
Suzie picked out a chocolate jellybean and handed it to him.
“Blueberry? Banana?”
“Mmn, not in the pack I just bought, but yes.”
“Can I eat jellybeans with vanilla ice cream?”
“Of course; go get a bowl and I will educate you.”
Long hours after her brother had gone to sleep, Suzie sat cross-legged on her bed surfing the internet. The half full bag of jellybeans leaned against her knee. Her best friend Marcy Reindeer was going on about how some girl at work had started making fun of her name and asking if it were really Raindeer.
“And I swear,” She typed, “if one more of those little snotty kids makes fun of my name …,
“Can’t you get a different job if you hate kids so much?” Suzie interrupted.
“=O I don’t hate kids! I like Robby. How is the little booger?”
“I am educating him on jellybeans :-)”
“Lol. Suzie ur crazy obsessed.”
“Lol. Pretty sure Zack thinks so too.”
“u should plant a few &c if they’ll grow a bean stock lol.”
“u r nuts Marce.”
“Yeah, bedtime for me. gn.”
“gn :-)”
But Suzie continued to internet surf until she fell asleep.
She was never sure what woke her. One minute her laptop screen had begun to look blurry and the next thing she knew, she was lying across the middle of her bed on her side. She rolled over and heard a crinkling sound. Her hand brushed some spilled jellybeans. Then, knowing she was not going to fall back asleep any time soon, Suzie got up and headed into the bathroom.
She hadn’t wanted to wake her family on her late night excursion, so hadn’t turned on any lights. As she felt her way back down the hall, she stopped short. She hadn’t remembered closing her door. Her foot brushed a collection of small, roundish somethings. She kicked them away, thinking they must be some of Robby’s marbles. Suzie turned the knob and was met by an avalanche of jellybeans
She squeaked, stumbled backwards and yanked her phone out of her pocket. She began dialing frantically.
“Zachary this is not funny!” She half whispered, half shouted.
Zack’s voice came back sleepy and confused.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“You didn’t fill my room with jellybeans?”
There was silence on the other end.
“Suzie, think about what you just said.”
Suzie shrieked as more jellybeans hit her legs.
“Gees, I’m awake now,” Came Zacks dry reply. “What’s wrong?”
“Ok maybe you didn’t do it, but my room is full of jellybeans and they’re spilling out into the hallway.”
Zack sighed.
“give me a sec,” he said, then disconnected.
Suzie went into the bathroom, shut the door behind her and opened the window. In about ten minutes, Zack climbed through. He stared at Suzie. She was dressed in her t-shirt and shorts from that day, but they looked as though she had fallen asleep in them. Her hair had been pulled out of its tale and stuck up in places. She was still clutching her cell phone.
“Should we get plastic bags and just start picking them up?” He asked.
“Yeah … let’s do that,” Suzie agreed.
They pulled open the bathroom door, and immediately jellybeans began spilling in.
“What the?” Zack said, jumping back.
“You see?” came Suzie’s whisper as she backed in to him.
Zack slammed the door, crushing several jellybeans in the process.
“Do you think that’ll make them mad?”
Zack stared down at the top of Suzie’s head for so long that she finally looked up at him.
“You watch too much TV,” he told her. “Are your parents still out?”
“Yeah, It’s just me and Robby here. Oh my gosh Robby! Do you think he’ll be ok?”
“As long as he doesn’t open his door. But we can’t stay here, come on.”
Zack pulled the bathroom door open and waded through the flood of jellybeans that surged forward.
“What are you doing? You have a plan?” Suzie asked, holding the back of Zack’s shirt.
“No, but we’ve gotta do something. It started in your room, right?”
”Yeah, I think so.”
By now the jellybeans were up to their knees as they made their way down the hallway to Suzie’s room. Zack pushed the door wider and another wave of jellybeans flowed out, hitting them in the legs. Suzie squeaked. The Jellybeans clearly weren’t coming from outside somewhere, because as Zack had helpfully pointed out, all the windows were closed. There was also clearly nothing falling through the ceiling from the attic.
“My bag!” Suzie said suddenly.
Zack was silent.
“My bag of jellybeans. I had nearly finished It before I went to sleep, but when I woke up I remember a bunch had spilled out.”
“So they’re spilling out of the bag and invading your house?”
But Suzie was now searching through the mound of jellybeans on her bed and didn’t answer. With a triumphant flourish, Suzie pulled the once empty jellybean bag from among the mound. Impossibly, it was pouring jellybeans from some kind of invisible bottomless supply. Seconds ticked by, as Zack and Suzie just stared. Then Suzie held the bag by its bottom corners and ripped it in half.
“Nice Suzie, now there’re two of them,” Zack commented.
Twin streams flowed from the halves as Suzie held them.
“It’s like a tick. How do you kill ticks?”
“I don’t really think that’ll help stop the jellybeans.” Zack took one of the bag halves and stared at it. Then he began to pull the sealed bottom edge apart.
Suzie watched him, her eyebrows raised. Then the jellybeans stopped. The last few dribbled out, but no more poured out as they had been doing. Quickly Suzie did the same to her half, and soon the flow of jellybeans from her bag stopped as well.
“Well,” said Zack finally, “Now we’ve just gotta figure out how to get rid of all these jellybeans.”
Suzie, Zack and Marcy Raindeer lay stretched out in the sun, their expressions queasy, their stomachs full. The dog was off a ways, puking rainbows and whimpering.
“I don’t know how you put up with her, Zack,” Marcy said.
“Sometimes,” Zack said, “I wonder myself.”
Suzie merely groaned. “I never want to see another jellybean again in my life.”