There are several things that would quite possibly make my life a happier place to live if I just accepted them as par for the course.
I once got a fortune cookie with that had a fortune that said I’d be happier if I didn’t stress about other people being late for things. Um, who asked Confucius anyway?
But back to making my life a happier place to live. Here are some things I bet you never even thought of.

  1. The hungry dish drainer
  2. It’s true. I know you’ve all had your socks eaten by a drier at one time in your life, but I bet you didn’t know that your very own dish drainer ate your dishes too
    So here’s what happens. I’ll take a dish or a cup down from the cabinet, say to put my lunch on, and after I’ve finished and washed the cup or dish I put it away. I have to confess here that I don’t always think to put the dishes back in the cabinet until the drainer gets full, but it does get done eventually. This of course goes on for a few days until one day there just aren’t any more dishes.
    I know I know, check the sink. That was my first hint; when I’d check the sink and the dishes weren’t even in there. Of course the first place I checked was the cabinet, so I already knew the dishes weren’t in there. Maybe they were put away in the wrong cabinet. No, in the fridge holding leftover food perhaps? And I’m pretty sure they didn’t somehow all break. So of course it has to be a dish eating drainer!
    I’d take my theory to Heather and Georgy, but they’d never believe me. And spoons and forks are the worst.

  3. oven mits need to breathe
  4. You think I’m crazy, but every time I put them away, they wander out onto the kitchen counter and I can’t find them. Well, I find them eventually, but never back “where they’re supposed to go.”

  5. Paper towels will roll
  6. Why use one to clean a mess when you can use the whole roll. Honestly I think the paper towels just get lonely. Heather or Georgy takes a paper towel into the living room to clean something up and the whole roll needs to come along for company. Or perhaps as a cheering section?

So here’s to making my life happier and accepting the unusual as normal!