Any of you out there doing NaNoWriMo this year?
First of all, good luck and patience to you. Secondly, I am not.
Novels and I in general don’t have the most productive history. I usually take forever to write them, and even then I almost never finish one. I did once, and now I really wish I still knew where it was.
So now, cram all this into one month and here’s what it might sound like inside my brain:
Ooh, novel writing month? I want to write a novel! Yes, I will write a novel and it shall be awesome!
ideas ideas ideas ideas–ooh, here’s one. first line. first lines are always important. Yes, I like that one. Ok now … hmm. How do I get from here to that one scene? … Maybe I can … I’ll just write another story until I think of something.
Hmm, amazing how fast three weeks can go by. Wait, what about a novel?

Oh good, I’ve been waiting for a chance to use these characters forever.
So Scott and Lisa live here … no, here .. or maybe I’ll decide that later. Ooh, and they have a dog because there should always be a dog or a cat. And I should make Lisa’s mom a hair dresser. And Scott should have a niece who doesn’t like her family and runs away a lot. and her mother smokes. And the dogs name is Beans because he’s a Boston Terrier. See what I did there? Oh and there are bunnies.
So Scott and Lisa’s mom don’t get along because Scott’s a police officer and Lisa’s mom–we’ll call her jill–says his job puts Lisa in danger. And even though Scott is a police officer, this isn’t going to be a mystery because I am bad at those, but there will be bunnies! But of course Scott’s parents don’t get along with him either because they wanted him to be a lawyer or a docter, but Scott dropped out of school to join the police force like his grandfather whom he admires, and bunnies!
But I think Lisa’s dad likes Scott though. And bunnies!
Plot? Didn’t you like the characters? and the bunnies?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t have story ideas. In fact half the struggle of sleeping at night is my brain fighting to contain all the ideas, my fingers reaching to tap out that one last story or paragraph or few sentences, my mind playing and replaying that one over heard conversation that gave me an idea that probably has nothing to do with what the people might actually have been talking about. I live story. I breathe story. Anything anyone ever says to me either gets told and retold later or remembered for a potential character. Everyone is a potential character. Everything is a potential story.
My problem is just that I don’t usually have fifty-thousand-word ideas. I much prefer short story. Much like snacking; it is quick, tasty, and you can never quite get enough. Of course I’m glad that not everyone is like me and can write out long and complex story lines. I do need something to read. hee hee.
Maybe someday I will try my hand at this novel writing phenomenon just to say I tried. No promises though.