I hope everyone’s turkey day was grand!
For those of you who don’t eat turkey, I hope your substitute tasted just like chicken–er–the real thing? 😉 I hope it tasted exactly how you dreamt it would. And for those of you who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you keep reading and are at least entertained.
A few things you should make a note of, and some things I learned:

  1. black Friday is the official day I will recognize christmas music with out inwardly snarling at anyone. I will also except Christmas tunes on Thanksgiving itself, especially if requested by two adorable little boys while I play the Trusty Lute for them.
  2. The wire fox Terrier is apparently a popular dog. Who knew.
  3. Clearly I’ve been going about this whole adopt myself out for the hollidays all wrong. The lute is magical people, magical!
  4. If you give one recipe for cooking squash, you will instantly recieve about a dozen in return.
  5. Trying to identify foreign and mostly obsolete kitchen tools is tuns of fun!
  6. Lining those same tools up on the table though, looks like a mini torture chamber.
  7. Home-made salad dressing is amazing.
  8. Turkey peaces in a bowl is a great snack. Unless of course you are against the eating of gobble birds.”
  9. Small children enjoy live music so long as they can dance to it.
  10. Trusty Lute is a great investment for entertaining children
  11. If you play a concert on Thanksgiving, you may lose some of your audience to the football game. But it will be ok, because if there are adorable children who like music or dancing, they will sit and let you play forever; even if you have to learn songs on the fly to keep going.
  12. Also about those adorable children, they may encourage you to eat faster if you stop to snack mid concert.
  13. And finally, if you decide to have tea and coffee and chat after the meal is over, it’s a good idea to put the food away. Otherwise you will just keep eating it. Trust me.

Happy hollidays everyone!