So apparently some people think strawberry picking is supposed to be in September.
Um, what?
I don’t mean people like you and me , I mean actual farmers, who run actual farms. Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to know things like that? Also if this is true, why didn’t we ever go strawberry picking in school?
We did eventually find strawberries, but before that adventure, there was hand lotion.
I’m pretty sure I’ve never wanted to eat hand lotion more than I did that day at the farm store. It was like lemon cake amazingness. I didn’t end up buying any because I decided that I really didn’t want my hands to smell like lemon cream cake all the time. I did however decide right then and there that I would make lemon cupcakes my summer project.
Yesterday was day one, attempt one. They weren’t horrible but they’re not perfect either.
Here’s what I discovered during that adventure:

  1. I have a cut on my finger? I really have no memory of getting this cut, but I found out real fast that it was there; right on my index finger.
  2. Lemon seeds have got to be the slipperiest little devils I have ever had to work with. Don’t worry, I didn’t put them in the cupcakes.
  3. I’m not really sure how I did it, but somehow I missed two entire rows of my cupcake tin. It’s a mini tin that is supposed to hold 24. Oh well. I’d say I was distracted by my throbbing finger, but I stopped feeling it some time after adding the eggs.
  4. Was anyone else aware that cooking spray makes everything stick worse? I’m pretty sure It does, and I didn’t have cupcake wrappers to use instead. Lemon cakeballs anyone?
  5. So even though I missed a few cups, I had enough left over batter for six normal-sized cupcakes and still extra batter after that. So there was bowl cake … again.

Perhaps I’ll have better luck next try?