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The Rider

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Picking up from
where I last left you,the tale continues.
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And now. . .

The rider was a curious sight sitting astride his horse. He was short for a man, and thin too as he dismounted. Kaylin straightened up and took a firmer grip on the sledgehammer she had brought out with her.
“Papa isn’t here,” she said as the rider came toward her.
He had, in fact, been called away on special errand to the castle. They had come late for him; two of the kings soldiers as for a prisoner. Kaylin had said as much to the men, but Papa had told her to hush and not to worry. He hadn’t done anything against the law, or that might displease the king and queen. Kaylin worried though. And now here was this mysterious rider.
Had they come for her now? Had her papa been a prisoner after all? But why only one man? And he did not look like a soldier.
The horse was quality though; Kaylin had seen enough of horses to know a rich man’s horse from a poor man’s horse, and this one was certainly not a commoner’s mount. He was a gleaming chestnut who nosed insistently at his rider. He was fat and well groomed.
“Why do you not bow to me?” the rider replied in a high strange voice.
Kaylin felt herself bristle.
“And why should I bow to you? Because I’m small? Because I’m a girl? Who are you and what right have you to demand my respect?”
To Kaylin’s surprise, the rider seemed actually to be considering the question. Then the dark hood came down and the pretty face of a young girl shown in the light from Kaylin’s candle. She might have suspected it had she not gotten so angry, but now she stood blinking at the other; having forgotten herself.
She was several years older than Kaylin; with long hair the color of wheat that she had tucked beneath her cloak. Sapphire blue eyes stared out from the pale oval of her face and looked nearly black in the light. Her expression was troubled.
“I’m princess Alish,” the girl said. “I need your help.”



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She didn’t like his eyes. Or perhaps it was the way he had been looking at her, and he had been looking at her, that made her turn away. But now Tavish, always clever had caught her eye and was making a perfect imitation of the knight’s face before she had to turn away to keep from giggling. Alish had wanted to ask her brother about the other nights that had come and especially about the griffin, but there hadn’t been time before this dreadful feast.
Her father’s voice broke in to her thoughts and as she knew her mother would be watching, Alish hastened to look as if she had been paying attention. She could see the knight’s eyes on her again; greedy eyes that took what they wanted and tossed the rest away. This was a man, Alish knew, who would not hesitate to switch loyalties should her father’s kingdom ever come under attack. Surely her mother did not intend this man for her husband. Surely he would only find the dragon and be rewarded with a portion of its treasure? Alish had her doubts about that though. Surely a man with such greedy eyes and a coward’s heart would be burnt to a crisp by any dragon he found. Tavish caught her eye again and winked.
“How do you intend to capture this dragon,” he said; politely entering in to the conversation. “It cannot be easy, or have you captured and slain many dragons before?”
The knight looked unsure as he searched for an answer. Alish could have hugged her brother.
“By any means necessary,” the knight said finally. “As I am well trained and very skilled; I think I shall have no trouble with a mere dragon.”
“Yes your majesty, I am so great and skilled that no mere dragon could stop me,” Tavish mocked. “No razor sharp claw nor fire breath is a match for me. I’m twice the man any dragon is.”
On the floor of the library princess Alish laughed and laughed until her sides hurt.
“Someone will hear you and come in here,” she gasped.
“Hardly,” Tavish dismissed. “The halls are probably still ringing with his great ego, and how could anyone here over that?”
“Were the others as bad as him?” Alish asked sitting up.
“Some were worse, but he did show better skill than them. I do hate to say it, but it’s true. There was one though, that mother would not even let in.”
“Did you see him?”
“I did not, but Jim the groom did. He said it was a shame mother turned him away without even seeing him.”
Later, no one saw the princess escaping in to the night on horseback. Only the groom knew her destination, but no one ever listen to him, as he was not right in the head.