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All That Red Is For Blood Right?

I have been accused of being a Valentine’s day hater.
I would like to state that first of all this is not true. The fact is that Valentine’s day was long ago ruined for me and it is not my fault.
Ok, by now you’re probably thinking I had my young heart broken by some stupid boy yes? This is also untrue. The fact is that Valentine’s day was ruined for me long ago when boys still had coodies by none other than She who must be obeyed.
So now whenever people talk about Valentine’s day, what comes in to my mind is massacre.
I know right, who thinks of that?

So today because I love you all–also I’ve been threatened–I have for you a story! Read more…


Contimplating The Moon

I am remiss in my posting. I am awear; I will fix this.
But for now … meet Katie. Read more…

Monday Morning and a Murder

Ever wonder why everyone always hates Mondays? Silly me, of course you do; you’re probably one of them. I used to hate Mondays too. I say used to, not because I have found some amazing recipe for monday happiness, but because there’s nothing to hate about it right now. My days run together mostly, punctuated only by what other people do.
Today at least I’ve got PT to look forward to, but most times, Monday is just Monday to me.
In anycase, here’s something for you that might make your Monday morning a little more amusing. Read more…