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And Now On To Christmas

I hope everyone’s turkey day was grand!
For those of you who don’t eat turkey, I hope your substitute tasted just like chicken–er–the real thing? 😉 I hope it tasted exactly how you dreamt it would. And for those of you who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you keep reading and are at least entertained.
A few things you should make a note of, and some things I learned:

  1. black Friday is the official day I will recognize christmas music with out inwardly snarling at anyone. I will also except Christmas tunes on Thanksgiving itself, especially if requested by two adorable little boys while I play the Trusty Lute for them.
  2. The wire fox Terrier is apparently a popular dog. Who knew.
  3. Clearly I’ve been going about this whole adopt myself out for the hollidays all wrong. The lute is magical people, magical!
  4. If you give one recipe for cooking squash, you will instantly recieve about a dozen in return.
  5. Trying to identify foreign and mostly obsolete kitchen tools is tuns of fun!
  6. Lining those same tools up on the table though, looks like a mini torture chamber.
  7. Home-made salad dressing is amazing.
  8. Turkey peaces in a bowl is a great snack. Unless of course you are against the eating of gobble birds.”
  9. Small children enjoy live music so long as they can dance to it.
  10. Trusty Lute is a great investment for entertaining children
  11. If you play a concert on Thanksgiving, you may lose some of your audience to the football game. But it will be ok, because if there are adorable children who like music or dancing, they will sit and let you play forever; even if you have to learn songs on the fly to keep going.
  12. Also about those adorable children, they may encourage you to eat faster if you stop to snack mid concert.
  13. And finally, if you decide to have tea and coffee and chat after the meal is over, it’s a good idea to put the food away. Otherwise you will just keep eating it. Trust me.

Happy hollidays everyone!


Fun With Music

Would I be a terrible, horrible aweful aweful person if I killed heather’s bird?
Don’t worry, he is for the moment still alive and healthy –though, he may get a cold from all the squirting he’s getting.
So almost all day yesterday and today I’ve been watching youtube clips from NBC’s the Singoff. I did see the first two episodes–no, don’t worry I am not about to critique it here–but there were a few groups that I just really loved. Of course, because I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t really know all of the songs the groups choose so I’ve been looking up the original songs as well. Now I am feeling enspired to take up my trusty lute and learn some more popular songs. The current party fave is Backstreet’s Back.
No, you didn’t think that could be played on a lute, did you?
I’m thinking of doing some 1950s too. I already know a few and since mostly the chords are the same for those songs, it shouldn’t be a problem. The more popular current songs might be a little hard, but don’t you worry, I will find a way!

Welcome Hame To Me

I have a new love!
No, it’s not a guy — or, not exactly. And those of you who’ve been here for awhile, it’s not a fictional character either.
You know when you find a song and it may or may not be by your favorite artest/composer, and it may or may not have great lyrics, but you fall absolutely in love with the melody? There are many songs I love, but not too many that I really really fall in love with.
For me these are usually slower songs with out words. The three that immediately leap to mind are Clair De Lune, Pictures at an exhibition, and of course, my new love.
It’s a Scottish song and I think it has the most absolutely gorgeous melody. It’s also surprisingly easy to play on my lute, so I’ve learned how to play it as well.
Oh, and about that “not exactly,” … the song is sung by none other than Luke Kelly, who could sing to me with his wonderful Irish accent anytime.

Happy Explosion

I ! am ! super ! excited !!!
I want to run around and do cartwheels! I want to chase myself around the house! I want to sprint up and down the street!
Lots of people think different things about me. I suppose this is true in some way or other of most people, but sometimes I think the drastic contrasts are funny to hear. There are seriously people who think I don’t talk, then there are people who think I never stop talking. Both are true, sometimes I talk too much, but I do like to just listen sometimes too. Somethings I can just chock up to how well a person knows me; like how my friends understand this or that and everyone else thinks wha? But not everything is quite that simple.
There’s a phrase I like a lot that I’ve read inseveral books which is, “given to strong emotion.” Not too many people seem to use it anymore, but I am nothing if not a lover of words and phrases that are seldom or no longer used. So, I think there are those that would say that I am not given to strong emotion.
My friends and others who know me would tell you otherwise, but sometimes I’m not even sure all of them quite gage just how much I feel. Sometimes I think of my emotions as little balls of energy that will explode if I don’t either keep a ferm tight lid on them or filter them carefully. I think I am afraid that if I ever were to express my feelings as I truly felt them, I might hurt people–physically not emotionally–and definitely myself.
Right now for example, I am so excited that I want to go out and do all of the things I mentioned above, but instead I am sitting on my bed twitching and grinning stupidly. I am like a little kid who hasn’t grown in to her emotions yet and is practically drowning in them. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t get angry easily.
Darker emotions are the really hard ones. Those are big and heavy and sufficating. Those I have to choke off in order to cope with. Thosewould keep me up late at night and sleeping long in to the day.
I think if I ever found myself depressed and thought I might be depressed, that thought alone would depress me further and I’m not quite sure what I’d do then.
But typically, I am quite happy and content with life. And just now … Tigger bouncy excited! So, if I tell you I am so excited I am going to explode, or that I am so mad I want to destroy something, Well. . .
Oh, And I suppose you want to know why I’m so excited just now?
Really, it’s nothing. I mean, it’s so very small and insignificant to the rest of the world. Only I do get excited over the most ridiculous things.

Rainy Days

I have mixed feelings about rainy days.
I’ve said before that I love wind and rain storms, but those are different. Rainy drizzly dreary days like today.
Rainy days are for curling up; for a fireplace if you have one, or a warm blanket. Days for a book or a well favored movie.
Some people like to dance or go puddle jumping. Every once in a while I’ll take my lute and play Singing In the Rain; just to be silly.
Lately though, Rainy days are just sad. Dreary and filled with loss;
the skys crying
because I can not.

Prostheses Needed

I am now the proud victim of a cheese grating incident.
gees kid, really?
Um, yeah you read that right. I sliced my finger–accidently of course– while making potato slices. But this wasn’t just any finger, it was my right thumb. My poor strumming thumb!
Yeah, you know the one I use to strum my trusty lute? That’s the one.
So, I’ll spare you the really gross stuff and just say it didn’t bleed at all. Now I’ve got it bandaged though, and it should be good as new in a matter of days. Perhaps you are thinking this means no lute playing from me for awhile? Ha! you are wrong! I will strum no matter what. I even wrote a song.

I’ll sing of a thumb,
and how it did strum,
and the songs that it plaied you could hum.

This thumb and its hand,
they were quite a band,
and music was heard through the land.

And it was a shame,
but who was to blame,
for how this poor thumb got so mamed.

The thumb got a slice,
it required some ice,
for oh how this cut was not nice.

The thumb couldn’t feel,
they wrapped it to heal,
how could this misfortune be real?

The damage was clear,
The thumb bled a tear,
and no more mu-sic could you hear.

And for those of you eager to sing along to my misfortune, or play it, Here are the chords:
C G7 G7 C Dm G7 C
C G7 G7 C Dm G7 C
A F G7 A Dm G7 C
And repete.
By the way, those potato chips … amazazazaaaazing!

How To Create Awesome Calluses InJust Minutes

Now you don’t need weeks and weeks of practice with your stringged instrument of choice to form impressive calluses. I can show you an easier way.
I discovered this method last week, while I was going about my daily life in fact, and decided I just had to share it. Just follow these simple steps and those steel strings on your guitar will feel like nothing at all under your calluses.
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