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Seriously? Not You

I’m pretty sure the animals here are confused.
Most especially the bird. I know I’ve complained about him before, and I still find him rather annoying, but only when he squocks. Other times he just talks or chirps and makes funny noises, and it’s cute. One thing he does well though, is have good timing. So I asked Panther something today–probably something along the lines of weather or not he was hungry, and the bird chirps.
Really? This bird barely response to his own name, why does he want to respond to the cat’s? So I told him he was not the cat, and he squocked at me. After dinner, the exchange went something like this:

“Panther? Panther what’s wrong?”
“Panther, why are you howling?”
Bird, “Me?”

So you tell me what’s wrong with him.


And Why?

Does anyone remember Buttons and Mindy from the Animaniacs?
Last saturday I met a real live version of that very child. She was the very cutest and so many questions. Though I suppose Questions like that are typical of 5-year-olds.

Can I eat the playdough?
Because it doesn’t taste good.
Because they didn’t make it for you to eat.
Because it’s made to play with.
Because it’s not food.
Because it doesn’t have enough sugar.

Is that not like Mindy?
And that was only one of the many questions she asked me on our long bus ride.
I have often joked that I am a bad influence on people’s children because I usually send them home honking their noses like clowns, singing wacky banana songs,hyper and full of funny stories and jokes, and doing the interrupting cow. And yet, parents still happily leave their children in my care. Hee hee,I may take them out of your hair for a few hours, but you get them back afterwards.
Ok I love you bubbye!

Amusing Treasures

Sometimes random things that happen through out the day amuse me, and I keep them like little treasures for a sadder day.
Here’s today.

Georgy on being told it was national talk like a pirate day, “Arrr!”

After a package was delivered for Heather that she was not home to recieve: Georgy, “We can be like detectives again.”
Me, “What do you think it is?”
Georgy (texting to Heather), “Can we open it?”
Me, “That little thing came in that big box?”
Georgy, “Why would there be electronic features on just a case?”

A friend, on Giving birth, “I’m sorry, it’s just not that quick.”
At which point an imaginary birthing competition was invented with separate devisions for preemies and multiples, and all hope for sanity was lost. If only he had a clue of what he started.

Georgy to Panther, “No, you are not allowed to eat this box. This is not food. This box is yucky … yuc-ky.”

Heather, after coming home and seeing me, “First, I want to know why she’s on her head.”

Hahaha! Yes, I was.

Hi From The Storm!

Still here.
In preparation for the on-coming hurricane I am syncing all my audio books on to my ipod and waiting to hear if we’re getting evacuated.
Waiting for a hurricane is really boring. It has been hot and sticky here with bursts of rain, but we should be feeling something tomorrow. I think I’ll be relieved if we get nothing. Crazy Heather and Georgy on the other hand very much want something to happen, because as they say, “nothing ever happens here.”
Count your blessings children.
Please, If you want to sea the power of mother nature, go look at pictures of storm damage, don’t wish it where you live.
Alright, All is mixed reports so far, so best just to be ready and NOT … freak out.

The Nicest Thing

A friend of mine said the nicest thing to me earlier.
I posted a somewhat, but not entirely odd status update earlier, and this was her comment.

You always seem to exceed the amount of credit I give you for weirdness.

I think that’s one of the nicest things anyone’s said to me in a while. It makes me all smily inside. =D

What The Furries Are Up To

After I got back, This is how my day went.

Panther! Panther get off the box. Don’t step on the pizza box.
No Panther get out of the pizza box.
Bunny? No, don’t step on the pizza box. Yes Bunny, that is my head you’re now walking on … ouch?
Yes Bunny of course I think you’re adorable, but I can’t keep typing one-handed. I need my arm back. I know that’s where the sun is.
Bunny? Bunny ouch my arm … I need that back.
Panther Why are you licking my nuckle?

Panther is large and black. Bunny is tiny, is dark enough brown to look black and has a particularly rabbit like way of sitting.