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Beyond lace

Once I let my thoughts rome free.

I poured them from my soul into your ears.

And you took them with you when you left.



Salty fingers
Trace their sorrow down my cheek.
I lie alone,
Awake and relentless.

Into My Hands

If I could write down all the names, I’d fold them away into silent birds.
I’d set them flying into the far winds, and make a wish on all of humanity.

The Lovely Turning

To that gem, that sapphire of the seasons.
To the softening of the summer heat in to the cool crisp of autumn.
To that lovely turning from late-night campfires and cricket bells to evening blankets and crunchy leaves.
To the coming of festival and lightly spiced air.

Happy September.

But not really

Happy spring … with bells on!
Actually it’s that fluffy frozen vapor we’ve all gotten to know so well, but I’ve been banned  from saying or writing the word. You laugh, but scary things happen when winter pays too much attention.
And so now it is march. I realize I haven’t posted in more than a month, but I might have spent that time accidently predicting and causing winter storm mayhem while being sick. It was not as awesome as it sounds. But if you don’t believe me, you can try on my suuperpower for a day.
Anyway, happy thawing everyone! Hope you all survived the winter. Read more…


Softly swiftly silently she treads across he earth.
So as not to leave footprints on the world.

Life Lessons

Fun fact:
Things put on the stove have a hire probability of going up in flames than say … things put where they belong.

This post brought to you by other people’s irresponsibility.