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Beyond lace

Once I let my thoughts rome free.

I poured them from my soul into your ears.

And you took them with you when you left.



Salty fingers
Trace their sorrow down my cheek.
I lie alone,
Awake and relentless.

Into My Hands

If I could write down all the names, I’d fold them away into silent birds.
I’d set them flying into the far winds, and make a wish on all of humanity.

The Lovely Turning

To that gem, that sapphire of the seasons.
To the softening of the summer heat in to the cool crisp of autumn.
To that lovely turning from late-night campfires and cricket bells to evening blankets and crunchy leaves.
To the coming of festival and lightly spiced air.

Happy September.


Softly swiftly silently she treads across he earth.
So as not to leave footprints on the world.

Rainy Night in May

Dreams dance too close to stars when velvet paints the night.
Fears look for lonely souls, sending whispers to make them shiver.
Wishes swim on currents of whimsy, ascending to join the court.
Rain like seeking taps at windows.
Lightning slashes
Jagged streaks,
Cracking whips of thunder,
Exposing all,
Exposing all.
But secrets are night’s play,
Returning on cool breezes to tickle the ears of those who sleep.
I do not sleep.
I wake to hold the night,
To drink the wild of it into my soul,
To fill my lungs with its intoxication.
The night is full,
and I
am thirsty.
Shivering cold as the earth.
Lying uncovered,
to clutch
at sky.


The small dark places are the ones I love best.
The small dark pockets between time and space that fold me
like soft
dough over gooey filling.
These are the places that keep out the world.
These are the places that keep me inside.
This is where the wind blows.
Where the cold wind blows the fractured pieces of me around
to scrape
and cut
at me.
No one can see my wounds.
They are inside,
Inside where it is dark.
Darkness hides darkness and I am unseen.
I am invisible to the world, and I am safe.
And I am safe.