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My hand is burning from finally opening the pickle jar, half my bed clothes are going for their fourth dryer spin and I haven’t slept in almost three days.
Well truthfully, I just haven’t been sleeping at night. I get some sleep when my alarm goes off for me to wake up, but still. Actually I rather like the new year so far.

Yesterday was January 8, (at least it was where I am). I’m kind of obsessed with it. It isn’t my birthday or anything significant to me as far as I know, I just really like the look of it in my mind. I’ve always liked January. I have–as you’ll probably remember if you’ve been here before–a strange love for winter, and January is like fresh clean snow. Eight is usually a bright color, and tends to stand out wherever it lands. It does look better in the blue months though.
We’ve had real snow here, but I probably should be careful what I say about that. It’s been cold here too; just like real winter.

Hello, winter, It’s been a while.


The Aweful Inbetween

Aaaahhh More snow!
You know what it is? It’s because everyone keeps saying they are done with winter and snow. Don’t they know better?
Anyway, on to the real subject of this post, Writing.
I have just finished a story to which I had grown much attached. I guess I do that with most of my writing, but especially with stories that are part of a series. This particular story was not directly part of the series, but it involved some of the characters.
But now I have finished it and I am in that aweful inbetween place before I start another story. There is nothing so quite like being in the middle of writing a story, especially one that you have a clearish sense of where it is going.
Of course this is probably more evidence that I need to just write for a living. I should first work on being slightly less attached to my writing so that I’m not completely devistated at the thought of editors chopping up my work though. Eek!
Ok, more dramatic than I actually feel, but you get the point. And now, since I clearly live the life of luxury, I am going to have breakfast … and write. Hopefully there will be writing.

Happy Howling

Happy 2013!
We have been buried under three weeks of snow here, and we’re probably supposed to get more. I do love snow and all, but too much gets to be … ya know, too much.
In any case, I know it’s february and all, but I can still wish you a happy new year.
Happy frost moon as well. It’s one of my favorites.
Howl nice and loud.